Field Care

Quality taxidermy starts with proper game care. If you have any questions regarding your game specimen please call us or stop by. We would be happy to provide anyone with skinning instructions. Remember that we will cape any animal brought to us to be mounted free of charge. And, don't forget to bring us pictures so we can create the most lifelike trophy!


Skinning for shoulder mounts

For large game shoulder mounts (including Whitetail) we incorporate the full shoulder. Please leave enough skin well behind the front legs & shoulder to about the middle of the ribcage and leave skin on the leg to just above the knee. Never split the brisket or cut the throat.


Essential Do's and Don'ts

Many trophies are lost in the field due poor care so take your trophy to a taxidermist as soon as possible to make sure it receives the care it needs! Here are a few do's and don't that will help us provide you with a trophy that will last a lifetime:


  DO ...

Keep the skin cool and dry, out of the sun and put your skin on ice immediately, being careful to keep it dry of excess water as the ice melts. Keep it cold until it reaches the taxidermist or your freezer.

Wipe off excess blood from your animal  - it WILL stain!


Place birds in nylon stockings to protect the feathers.


Take Pictures!!! Your animal or fish can often be as unique as you or me. Bring us pictures to help us make sure your trophy is as true to life as possible.

  DON'T ...

Please don't salt your cape. When a cape is salted before the fat and meat can be professionally removed, the salt cannot penetrate to the hair and there is a high risk of losing the hair or fur! We salt the cape after we have fully prepared the skin for the tannery.


Never cut the skin of the throat or front quarter on any animal to be mounted. 


Never drag your animal - always pack or carry it! This keeps the hair from being broken off.


Put any skin in a plastic bag until it is ready to freeze. Plastic traps heat and moisture creating a breeding ground for bacteria and can easily cause hair loss.

Please don't skin birds or small mammals (coyote, bobcat, fox, etc.). Freeze them promptly and bring them in whole.

Never keep specimens in "frost-free" freezers for long periods of time. Most refrigerator-freezers are frost free and are designed to draw out moisture, causing freezer burn over time.